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Monday, February 8, 2010

So Much to Do, So Little Time

The last couple weeks have been filled with activities...from taking classes in fine silver fusing and PMC to horsemanship seminars at the Equine Affaire. 

Both the fusing and PMC are keeper techniques and will add new dimensions to my metal work.  Fusing involves heating fine silver wire with a torch just to the molten stage and allowing it to melt together... it doesn't require solder...a great technique for joining links.  PMC is Precious Metal Clay which is silver particles suspended in an organic binder that you manipulated like clay to make stamped links, pendants, beads, etc...again you heat it with a torch this time to just before the molten stage and allow the binder to burn off and the silver to fuse together...lots of design possibilities here too.  The picture shows the projects I made in the PMC class.  I took both classes at my favorite bead shop...Garden of Beaden, see Links.

I also spent two days at the Equine Affaire attending seminars by some of the country's best horseman...it is so inspiring and energizes my desire to become a better horseman.

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