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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gallup, New Mexico

Our first stop during the trip was Gallup, New Mexico.  We started with breakfast.  Wild Thing picked a cute straight-out-of-the-1950s diner.  One of our goals for the trip was to eat as much local cuisine as possible.

One might think that mexican food was the same throughout the southwest US but it is not.  California mexican food is very different from that of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.

Wild Thing with blue mush
So back to our breakfast.  On the menu was "blue mush".  We questioned the waitress "What is blue mush?".  Turns out it is a hot cereal made of blue corn.  We could not pass up the opportunity to give it a try.

And...after adding lots of sugar...we gave it a thumbs up.

Sterling silver and Kingman
turquoise by Al Lasiloo

During our breakfast we met Zuni carver and jeweler, Al Lasiloo.  Mr. Lasiloo showed us this beautiful sterling silver and turquoise cross which, of course, I had to buy.  Mr. Lasiloo's Zuni fetish carvings can be seen here.  

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