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Monday, October 4, 2010

Donna Gunn Handbags

I spent last week making handbags; I'm very excited about them.  You can see them in person at Village Venture.

Hobo Bags from Donna Gunn Handbags

The purse on the left and in the center is made from upholstery material and the one on the right is upcycled from a jacket (I used the material that was left from the first purse I made). 

Each bag has coordinating cotton lining with a large pocket, a D-ring for hanging your keys and is embellished with MOP or metal buttons from my collection.

Remember the handbag that I entered in the LA County fair?

(Here's a picture of it. )

It received a blue ribbon! I'm excited about that too.

Are you thinking "I have the perfect piece of material for this handbag; I want to make it myself"?  You can get the pattern from JCaroline Creatives. 

And, of course you can always buy one from me at Village Venture or contact me at dgunn43 at aol.com.

The cowgirl material has arrived and my intention is to make hoop earrings this week but I can't get that material out of my head. 

Will I give in and make the cowgirl handbag or will I follow my schedule and make earrings?
What would you do?

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