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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Canvas is ready

The canvas for my saddle blanket project is ready to go.  The inserts are sewn in, I opted to hand sew them in, and the canvas is painted, I used acrylic spray paint.

I had concerns about the blanket fitting Max, he has very high whithers.  At the suggestion of Carol I fit the canvas to Max prior to completing the sewing and found that the instructions fit him perfectly.  I decided to try the canvas on Breezy, too; she is the one I will have to modify the instructions for.  Breezy has no whithers I think I will not put any inserts in her blanket, if and when I make her one.

I took it back out to the corral for Max's approval.

Check out the whithers on this boy!

"I approve."

Now comes the hard part, committing to the first color.  Right now I am leaning toward red. Followed by a thin strip of ecru. Decisions, decisions!

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