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Monday, September 26, 2011

101 Uses for Your Old Jeans. Recycle.Reclaim.Upcycle.

Did you think I had given up on the 101 project?  I haven't.  I was just distracted by other things... you know--family, work, fun.

Today we begin with number 19 of our 101 uses for your old jeans.

19. Halloween Mask.  Isn't this gorgeous?
Makes me wish I had a masked ball to attend.

20. Corsage. A new trend for prom?  I bet you could come up with several ways to wear this sweet little flower or make a bouquet of denim flowers.
21. Slippers. 21Century Dressmakers has two tutorials for slippers. The ballet slippers are definitely calling to me. How about denim cowboy boot slippers?  Might have to work on that too.

22. Flower Pot Cover.  Paired with a potted plant what an awesome Christmas or birthday present.

23. Bind an Art Journal or Your Bestseller.

Here is my latest journal with a denim spine and page marker.  The denim is from a pair of overalls worn by my Great Uncle the dairy farmer.

Craft Stew has the ultimate collection of bookbinding techniques and tutorials, head over there when you start your bookbinding journey.  I'm warning you though; it is addictive.

How are you coming on your denim projects?  Take a minute and share what you are doing in the comments section below.


Cassie said...

Hi Donna,

I popped over from Etsy. I'm excited to look through your uses for old jeans. I have a stack accumulating in my closet that I've been wanting to do some things with. I love that journal you've made!

x, Cassie

Donna Gunn said...

Thank you Cassie. I love working with old jeans--I hope you find some projects that spark your creativity. Donna