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Saturday, March 17, 2012

What I Learned This Week

My mother loaned me her awesome embroidery sewing machine :).  This week I spent several days test driving it.

My test drive was on a rocky road with lots of pot holes (like California's freeways) and frustration...the thread knotted up, the thread broke, the material puckered......

I was not happy, all I wanted to do was try out some stitches and make the eyeglass case from last Saturday's 101 list.

I called my mom to discuss the problems and possible solutions...change the bobbin thread to lighter thread, make sure the needle is the right size for the material, use different top thread.  I tried them all with minor success, sometimes the stitches looked good, sometimes the problems were back.  Hum.

So I pulled out the instruction manual.  I was doing what it said to do but wait...what's this...different stitches take different presser feet!  I changed out the presser foot and I was test driving on the Autobahn.

It was time to make that eyeglass case.  I took out all of the green threads in my stash and used them to create a background of vines using a different embroidery stitch with each color.  On top of that I hand stitched flowers using torn strips of lightweight silk.  I'm pleased, my glasses are pleased.

That's what I learned this week.

How about you, did you learn something new this week?  Leave a post below and share what you learned (and it doesn't have to be about sewing).

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