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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I Did Over Thanksgiving Break

Over the long weekend we loaded up the family and horses and headed to Yuma, Arizona.  My SIL, Denise, and her hubby, Jeff, have a place on the Colorado River.  On Thanksgiving we had a wonderful traditional meal prepared by Denise; most of us promptly fell into a turkey coma or pretended to watch a football game.  The youngsters had clean up...yes!

We boarded the horses at the Crying Coyote Ranch.  On Friday we took advantage of the round pen and arena at the ranch.  Max was a little freaked out by the new surroundings so it was nice to have the opportunity to work him in a controlled environment.  Even with that he gave Don (my hubby) a wild ride; side stepping and bucking.  Max is a beautiful horse, has a sweet personality but his lack of confidence can make him a challenge to ride. 

Later on Friday we all piled into the 4-wheelers and hit the hills along with several other families.  Noah, my son, was behind the wheel of the Jeep with Don as navigator, and Jeff the Hummer.  This was Noah's first time driving on the Jeep trails; as we are driving along Jeff commented that theses trails were not "Offroading 101".

Here's Noah's reaction. 

Looks like he didn't mind the advanced course.

At the end of the trail we had a bird's eye view of the river.

In my opinion this is one of the best times of the year for enjoying the desert; the other is in the spring when the flowers are in bloom.  Many people like the summer for water sports but I am too klutzy for waterskiing and it is just too hot for me.

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