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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Special Request Class

Yesterday I held a special class for Peggy, Melissa and Kay.  Thank you for requesting the class I am always willing to do special request classes at Garden of Beaden as it gives me an excuse to be there and hang out with the wonderful people who frequent Irene's shop (including the GOB staff).

We used copper washers as the basis for the bracelet and embellished them with fire patina, wire and beads.  The bracelet was inspired by the copper washer bracelet in Contemporary Copper Jewelry by Sharilyn Miller.

Aren't their bracelets lovely?!

The class is also scheduled for July 22 at 6 p.

1 comment:

dy0513@aol.com said...

Donna, they are lovely I'm just so sorry I had to miss you're class. But, I am taking the class on the 22nd., so sign me up! LOVE your art work!