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Friday, July 23, 2010

Wrapped Washer Class II

Nancy C., Michele and Diedre

Paige and Topsey

Nancy R.'s bracelet, lovely patina and texture

Also in class were Lisa and Peggy

This is the largest class I have ever taught with 8 ladies.  A fun, determined group.  We had a strange reaction with our washers that slowed the class down.  Our washers were from China via Harbor Freight and when we tried to heat patinate them we got a wierd black coating that came off when we quenched them.  However when we hit them again with the heat they did not always give the lovely colors and some turned black again.  We concluded that they had some kind of coating and we found if we removed it prior to heating we got more consistant results.  I think I will look for US made washers in the future.

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